WiSE Career Panels

WiSE hosts a biannual WiSE panel, where we bring together a diverse group of speaker to answer our most pressing questions. The panel takes place towards the end of every semester (Fall and Spring).

Coming Up

Monday November 25th, 2019 – Career Panel at 5:15 (on campus, location TBD)

Monday April 6th, 2020 – Career Panel at 5:15 (on campus, location TBD)

Past Panels

2017: New Perspective on Careers in STEM

It might seem like career options are binary: academic and non-academic (aka industry). This year’s WiSE panel will break the stigma and showcase the diverse career opportunities that exist outside academia. Our eminent speakers, all,  have earned a graduate degree in STEM and built a successful non-academic career. Come learn about industry positions you never heard of and join us as we listen to some very insightful stories.

2015: “So you don’t want to be a professor?” Exploring Other Career Paths in Science

This Fall our WiSE Panel discussion topic was “So You Don’t Want to be a Professor?” – Exploring Other Career Paths in Science. We felt that the road to becoming a university professor is pretty clear and well explained, but what if you want to pursue a different career in science? Our panel discussion focused on various, somewhat less explored, careers in science. Thank you to everyone who came out to engage in this fascinating discussion!

See our blog post for a recap of this event.

2014: Building our personal board of directors: mentoring and networking for women in science

See the post in our events page.

2013: Advice for navigating the interview and negotiation process

Following successful panels of “Successful Women in Science – Do we have to act like me to be successful?” in 2012, WiSE tackled the topic of how to be successful in the job negotiation and interview process. We followed up the panel held in the spring semester with a hands-on workshop, designed to put advice into practice.

The idea for the panel was this; invite a handful of women in academic and non-academic positions and ask them to give us the key piece of advice necessary to successfully navigating the job interview and negotiation process. By inviting a diversity of panel speakers, attendees were able to get specific advice for their field, but also detect some common trends.

Following general Q&A, the panelists were available for small group discussions, where members could interact more personally to discuss specific questions.

We thank our panelists

Teri Balser, Ph.D., Dean, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences

Carolyn Hall, PhD. Associate Biosafety Officer, UF Dept of Environmental Health and Safety

Doria Gordon, Ph.D., Director of Conservation Science for the Nature Conservancy

Tamara Mandell, M.Ed., Assistant Director for Education and Training Programs, UF Center of Excellence for Regenerative Health Biotechnology

Marta Wayne, Ph.D., Professor of Biology, University of Florida

WiSE member, Anya Brown, asks questions to our expert panel

WiSE member, Anya Brown, asks questions to our expert panel